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March . 22 . 2011

Hydraulic Breaker, TDX Cutter and Construction Air-tools were exhibited.

  • CONEXPO CON/AGG 2011 has been opened an exhibition from 22th to 26th March 2011 in Las Vegas U.S.A. the registered attendees was more than 117,000 for 5 days, International visitors out of U.S.A. was 24% of the attendees.

  • TOKU products have been represented by TOKU America Inc, which is newly established in Willoughby, Ohio in April 2010. They have shown STRIKER hydraulic breakers, Grasper (mechanical), TDX-Cutters and air construction tools.

  • STRIKER TDX Cutters was No.1 popular item, which has taken the most interest among visitors at TOKU booth.

  • Obviously Japan, even for all over the world, there is not a single hydroulic cutter, which is able to bite whole SRC and cutting rebar like the TDX-Cutter. Therefore many visitors were watching them with most interest. In U.S.A. the Grasper has not been seen and there is accordingly not much working experience with it. They usualy use normal bucket with grabbing function instead. There we see a marketing chance to expand our grasper in U.S.A in future.

  • Many hydraulic breaker manufacturers from all over the world have exhibited their products in this show. The 2nd popular item of hydraulic attachments were the scrapshers, of which arms are replacable. There were only a few manufacturers, who have shown the hydraulic attachments for small and detailed application like being seen in Japanese market.



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